Will Parfitt is famous as a TikTok The Star, represent Only Fans Star, and remove male who enjoys posting their content on social media.

In this instance, he became well-known because he joined the Australian nightclub Magic Men to perform at an event.


Will Parfitt started his career in Australia as a male stripper. He travels a lot, so he always goes to the beach and puts on shows for thousands of people there.

From then on, he tried to change his way of life and go to the gym to get in better shape. So, he has an ideal body and is in good enough shape to join the Magic Men nightclub in Australia.

Upon that, he joined a company in Melbourne called Magic Men, which rents out adult entertainment for birthdays, hen parties, and other events.Because he was so popular, people voted him Australia’s Most Rich Ladies’ Night Out.

Every one of his videos makes people laugh and gets good feedback from his fans. Because of this, the TikTok platform quickly gave him the verified badge.Not only is he popular there, but he also has a good name on other social media sites, like Instagram.

Also, he wants to share his audio content with the public, so he plans to start a channel on YouTube in 2021.

Here, Will Parfitt got a lot of attention from fans worldwide thanks to the power of social media.


Will Parfitt is an internet media feeling and TikTok character. Even though he was born in London on June 23, 1990, he now lives in Australia.

Some crazy fans saw a vague resemblance between him and the actor Channing Tatum and told the online media about it.

Aside from how they look, Parfitt tells the story of each character in Channing’s film Magic Mike.In the movie, Channing participated as a young man who accidentally fell into the world of male stripping and became a hit with the women with his killer and sexual moves.

Parfitt’s story is similar to Channing’s individual Mike in the film.

When a club advertiser approached him, he was traveling and attending parties in Australia.

He couldn’t believe how much he looked like the Hollywood heartbreaker. He told Parfitt about Magical Men, where he started working as an adult stripper . Parfitt fans wonder if the handsome guy has a sweetheart or a partner.

According to celebnetworthbio.com, Parfitt is seeing Pierro Boo, the woman he says is his life’s love. However, the TikTok stars have rather than affirmed the news.

Parfitt has moved away from web-based media in his own life. So, it’s hard to tell whether he’s seeing someone.

Will Parfitt is 31 and was born in South London on June 23, 1990.

People have been stopped by how much Parfitt looks like the actor Channing Tatum. Many people thought about whether or not the two are the same thing.

No matter what, Parfitt and Tatum have nothing to do with each other. The fact that they look alike is just a coincidence.

Even so, he has a lot of fans because he looks like a Hollywood star. Parfitt strips as ‘Channing’ in an ode to his common doppelganger.

He moves things during the week and gets naked on the weekends. He only strips for Magic Men, a company with much power at single-girl parties, birthday parties, and private events.

Parfitt never really planned to become a stripper, but everything worked out for him in the end.

The total value of Will Parfitt’s assets is a lot of money.

Girlfriend and History of Dating

Pierro Boo

celebnetworthbio.com says that in 2022, Will will be with Pierro Boo. But the male stripper hasn’t confirmed that they are dating yet.

Will put his personal life further away by using social media. So, it needs to be made clear whether or not he has a special relationship.

Net Worth of Will Parfitt

Will Parfitt is thought to have a net worth of $500,000. His money comes from jobs like modeling, stripping, and being a star on TikTok.


Will has a steady source of income from the exclusive commissions he posts on the OnlyFans platform. He makes at least $40.47 a month from the money she gives to her fans.


During the peak season in Australia, from October to April, he worked as a male stripper fifteen times in one weekend. This earned him up to $1985 per weekend.

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  • He enjoys doing sports like long-distance running, freestyle swimming, and going to the gym.
  • Pony is the strip’s most popular song.
  • He prefers sweet over spicy flavors.
  • He likes consuming tequila.
  • Money is one thing that keeps him working hard.
  • He became a stripper so he could show off his style.
  • When he fell off backstage after doing a backward roll was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him.
  • On April 10, 2021, he started using the YouTube platform.
  • His first TikTok video was posted in August 2019.
  • He works as a famous stripper at the Magical Men concert hall.
  • He started TikTok when it was his first time providing and creating video transitions.

TV Shows

1. The Morning Show, in his voice (Sunrise Channel 7 | 2022).

2. Morning Talk Show, as himself (Studio 10 Channel 10 | 2022).

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