Weston Cage is an American actor, musician, and producer. He was born to renowned actor Nicolas Cage and actress Christina Fulton on December 26, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Weston is the oldest son of Nicolas Cage and has a younger brother named Kal-El.

Growing up in a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, Weston Cage developed a passion for acting and music at a young age. He studied acting at Beverly Hills High School and later pursued his education at the Los Angeles Film School.

Weston Cage made his acting debut in 2005 when he appeared alongside his father in the film “Lord of War.” He continued to pursue acting, starring in movies such as “Rage” (2010), “Drive Angry” (2011), and “Cage Fighter” (2020). Weston has also made guest appearances on television shows like “NCIS: Los Angeles” and “Deadfall.”

Aside from acting, Weston Cage is a talented musician and vocalist. He formed a heavy metal band called “Eyes of Noctum” in 2006, where he served as the lead vocalist. The band released an album titled “Inceptum” in 2007. Various genres, including metal, rock, and classical music, influence Weston’s musical style.

Despite his talent and early success in the entertainment industry, Weston Cage faced personal struggles and battled with addiction. He has been open about his substance abuse experiences and sought treatment to overcome his addiction issues.

In recent years, Weston has focused on his sobriety and his family life. He married musician Hila Aronian in 2018, and they have a son together. Weston has expressed his dedication to being a loving father and a positive role model for his child.

Throughout his career, Weston Cage has worked to establish his own identity while embracing his family’s legacy in the entertainment industry. He continues to pursue his passions in acting and music, exploring new opportunities and honing his craft. With his determination and talent, Weston has the potential to make a significant mark in the world of entertainment.

Career in music

Weston cage loved music and picked up the guitar when he was ten. He was influenced by Black Sabbath, The Metal Maiden, Slayer, and Dimmu Borgir. At age 14 in 2008, he participated in The Pupils of Noctum as an Arcane. With Brendon Schroeder (Donner) on drums, Ryan Schroeder (Templar) on keypads, Nathan Smocke (Moloch) on the bass guitar, Asmodeus, the (Real Name Unknown) on guitars, and Brendon the author (Donner) on drums, Weston sang lead. Asmodeus was replaced in 2009 by rhythm guitarist and lead musicians in addition to Andy’s Kireitov (Vardar) and Jesse Wroe (Neboran). Their 2009 album was titled Inceptum. 

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Moloch and Templar left the band in 2010, and it broke up in 2012. In 2011, Weston founded Arsh Anubis.

The name of the group in Arabic is “Anubis’ Throne.” Weston once more played keyboards and sang lead. Soufiane Elyamouni (Apophis) became part of the group as a bassist in 2011. 2012 saw the addition of guitarist Alhussain Sherif and drummer Ismail Ennaim. The group’s first demo, Anubis’ Army Guided by Hades, was released in 2012. 

In 2013, Ismail Ennaim (Drums) was replaced by Daniel Collabolletta (Troll). The group’s debut full-length, Netherworld Oracles, was released in 2015. Although they haven’t officially broken up since 2021, Weston’s film career has prevented them from performing. Weston’s solo side projects have been numerous. His first solo release was “Diuum Deus” by Dynasty of Darkness. His 2014 solo song was “Tell Me The reason (Matriarch of Misery).” His solo album, Prehistoric Technology, came out in 2015.

Career in Acting

When Weston was younger, he made cameo appearances in several films. Together with his father, he appeared in the film Lord of War. Vladimir, a character played by Weston Cage, was a helicopter mechanic. He performed various roles in films like Rage, Joe, Encourage Angrily, and D-Day. 

Max Cashman portrays Col. James Earl Rudder, and Mojave Diamonds portrays Jake. Weston has appeared in several TV programs, including The Odd Couple and Ravenous. In both shows, he performed a young character.

Personal Life

Weston has four kids and has been married three times. In 2011, he married Nikki Williams. She could sing and write songs. In 2013, he married again to Danielle Cage, who helps people get in shape. 

In 2014, they had a boy named Lucian Augustus Coppola’s Cage. In 2016, they called it quits. In 2018, he married Hila Aronian, an agent for real estate, his third wife. They have three kids whose names are Cypress, Venice, and Sorin. Before he married Hila, Weston changed his faith from Christianity to Judaism.

Some Other Things

Weston cage used drugs and didn’t take care of his health in the past. Three times, he got into problems with the police. In 2011, he was arrested three times because he hurt somebody at home, and in 2017, he was arrested once because he drove after drinking too much. In 2018, he sought help and stopped drinking.

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