You have come to the right place if you’re searching for a Pickentt review to determine whether it is a legitimate platform or a scam. This article will provide a thorough and honest review of, including all the relevant details and evidence to support our findings.

What is the website exactly?

Based on the situation, there are different reasons to use the website. Let’s look into a few options:

Website for Historical Authors:

This year marks 25 years of publishing together by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. These writers are experts in writing about the past, and their website has information about their work.

A place to shop online:

Pickett is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell things and get to know others in their area. It has a lot of different goods and services, which makes it a flexible marketplace2.

In addition, another Pickett Shop only sells electronics and gadgets, like laptops, smartphones, tablets, and game systems. They say their prices are low and that all orders ship for free.3. A clothing store:

Pickentt also has an online shop to buy clothes and other accessories. They sell tops, bottoms, swimwear, and hats. They sell the Willow Flutter & Ruffle Bodysuit (Natural), the Dream Denim High Rise Straight Boyfriend Jeans, and the Stay Classy One Piece Swimsuit (Black)4.

For the most part, can be an online market, a clothing store, or a website for historical writers. You can look at the essential parts of the website based on your interests!

The website is an online platform that offers various products and services to its users. It is a website that allows individuals to buy and sell items and connect with others in their community. The exact nature of the website can vary depending on the user’s needs and interests, as many different categories and options are available. Some people use as a marketplace for buying and selling goods, while others use it to advertise services or find work opportunities. It is a versatile and dynamic platform that can be customized to suit various needs.

Here are some positive highlights of

• The website offers payment methods that provide the option to receive a refund if needed.

• It appears to be an online store, and there are ways to check if it is a legitimate business or a scam.

• The SSL certificate for the website is valid, as confirmed by check.

• DNSFilter considers the website to be safe for browsing.

• Flashstart did not detect any malware or phishing activities on the website.

Here are some negative highlights of

• A paid service is used by the website owner for hiding their identity on WHOIS.

• The website does not have a lot of traffic or visitors.

• Several spammers and scammers use the same registrar.

• An internal review system has been identified, which could potentially be biased or unreliable.

• Anonymous payment methods are available on the site, which may not be trustworthy.

• There are several negative reviews about the website.

• The website has only been registered recently, which could be a red flag for some users.

Here are the key points to know about the Pickentt website:

• Website name: Pickentt

• Email: None provided

• Contact address: 595 Loudon Road Latham, NY 12110

• Phone number: 1-518-608-4199

• Product categories: Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, Accessories

• Example product names: Willow Flutter & Ruffle Bodysuit (Natural), Dream Denim High

Here is the evidence that can help determine if is legitimate or fake:

• Webpage Age: The website was registered on April 14th, 2022 and expires on April 13th, 2023.

• Maximum Discounts: The site offers a maximum discount of 50%.

• Trust Score: According to, the site’s trust score is 36%.

• Contact Address: The address provided on the website is 595 Loudon Road Latham, NY 12110.

• Customer Reviews: No customer reviews, or ratings were found.

• Email ID: The website does not provide an email address.

Payment method

• Payment Methods: The website accepts Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

• Estimated Delivery Time: Orders received between Tuesday and Friday before 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time will be processed within two working days, excluding weekends. The website uses USPS Priority shipping for all domestic shipments, which includes insurance on packages over $100. Shipping costs are non-refundable unless the shipping error is on their part. Upon receiving defective or damaged goods, the customer is advised to contact them immediately.

Refund and Exchange policy

• Returns and Exchanges: Exchanges apply to full-priced items only, and some products like accessories, jewelry bags, clutches, handbags, masks, gloves, hats, scarves, and other sales items are final sale and non-returnable. Shipping costs are non-refundable unless the shipping error is on their part. Returns must be prepaid and insured, and the package must be received within a week of issuing the Return Authorization number. The customer is advised to return the goods to insured postage to ensure the parcel is tracked.

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Based on the available information, is a legitimate website that sells various products such as tops, bottoms, swimwear, and accessories. The website offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, and promises a maximum discount of 50%.

However, the site has a low trust score of 36%, according to, and there are several negative highlights, such as anonymous payment methods and negative reviews. The website’s owner also hides their identity using a paid WHOIS service.

Regarding returns and exchanges, only items at full price are eligible for exchange, and shipping costs are non-refundable except in cases of shipping errors. Additionally, the website does not have a rating or review system for customers.

While may be a legitimate website, it is important to proceed cautiously and do additional research before purchasing.


1. what does accept the payment method accepts payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.

2. what is the devilry time of

The estimated delivery time for is two working days for orders received between Tuesday and Friday before 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, excluding weekends. The website uses USPS Priority shipping for all domestic shipments, which includes insurance on packages over $100. A confirmation email will be sent once the item has been delivered. If any defective or damaged goods are received, customers should contact the website immediately to expedite the shipment once the original items have been received.

3. What is the discount allowed on

Ans: up to 50% discount allowed for the new user.

4. what is the refund policy of

According to the information on, exchanges only apply to the full price of items. Accessories, jewelry bags, clutches, handbags, masks, gloves, hats, scarves, and other sale items are final sale and are non-returnable and non-exchangeable. Shipping costs are not refundable except when they have committed a shipping error. All returns must be prepaid and insured, and must receive your return within seven days of issuing the Return Authorization number.

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