Within the realm of diamonds and rubies, amidst tennis bracelets and engagement rings, Shapur Mozaffarian cherishes a compact black scrapbook brimming with intricate sketches of his most unforgettable creations.

The initial page of the scrapbook bears the title “BB.”

“That’s the piece,” expressed Mozaffarian, positioned elegantly behind a glass exhibit at his jewelry boutique, Shapur, in Union Square. “It had a modest design and didn’t have a hefty price tag. Yet, it holds immense significance for me—because it evokes the strongest emotions.”

A petite cross measuring an inch long, embellished with square-cut diamonds on its sides, captures Mozaffarian’s attention. When he desires to witness the tangible incarnation of this exquisite creation, he departs from his boutique and ventures to AT&T Park. There, he marvels at the cross earring delicately suspended from the left earlobe of Barry Bonds.

Over the past two decades, numerous aspects of Bonds’s’s appearance have transformed. His physique, and perhaps even his mindset, have experienced significant growth. However, as Bonds edge closer to Hank Aaron’s remarkable career home run record, one element remains unchanged—the cross earring gracefully swaying beneath his batting helmet.

Recalling the early days when Bonds visited the store, Mozaffarian fondly reminisced, “I can still vividly recall when we sat down and sketched it together. It was many years ago. He had a tough demeanor, spoke with a rough tone. However, right from the start, I could sense the presence of a remarkable heart within him.”

When it comes to superstar athletes, they are often closely identified with a distinctive accessory that becomes their trademark—Michael Jordan and his iconic shoes, Allen Iverson and his trademark headband, and Tiger Woods and his legendary red sweater.

In 1986, during his early days as a rookie with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Bonds adorned a cross earring that swiftly became synonymous with his flamboyant style. As he transitioned to the San Francisco Giants in 1993, Bonds continued to sport the cross earring, and it took on a new meaning—it became an emblem of his unwavering faith.

Presently, Bonds proudly exhibit an even more substantial cross earring, although not on every occasion, and notably absent during the All-Star Game held on Tuesday. Dangly earrings for men seemingly fell out of fashion a few decades back. Nevertheless, for Bonds, the significance of the earring surpasses matters of style or personal vanity. Its enduring significance has always been rooted in family ties.

Originally a pendant bestowed upon him by his late grandfather, Robert Bonds, who passed away in 1983, the cross held immense sentimental value for Bonds. He ingeniously transformed it into an earring, a cherished emblem that adorned him during his tenure in Pittsburgh. Bonds sought Mozaffarian’s expertise to craft a faithful replica when he made his way to San Francisco.

Mozaffarian reflected, “I comprehended the significance he attached to it and the emotions it evoked. It embodied the memory of his beloved grandfather—a deeply cherished connection.”

Throughout the 1990s, the earring became integral to Bonds’s identity, complementing his formidable left-handed swing. Young baseball enthusiasts emulated Bonds by etching crosses on their ears, striving to emulate his style. Jewelers noted a surge in requests for cross earrings as the trend gained momentum.

While Mozaffarian maintained a discreet association with Bonds, he proudly displayed an 8-by-10 photograph capturing the moment when Bonds stood resolutely at home plate, the earring prominently displayed.

Shortly after the Giants relocated to their new stadium in 2000, Mozaffarian received a frantic phone call from Bonds. He had lost the cherished earring. Recalling Bonds’ agitated tone, Mozaffarian recounted, “He urgently exclaimed, ‘I need a replacement for our next game!'”

“Impossible,” Mozaffarian recollected his response to Bonds’s urgent request. “I can’t create it in such a short timeframe.”

However, Bonds refused to accept defeat. Determined to fulfill his request, Mozaffarian toiled through the night, meticulously crafting another rendition of the same earring. When he completed the task, he hurriedly hailed a taxi and raced to the stadium. Upon arrival, he discovered Bonds donning his uniform, prepared to step onto the field.

“He was waiting for me,” Mozaffarian recounted. “When he laid eyes on the earring, it was as if his entire body eased into relaxation.”

Having adorned San Francisco for nearly four decades, Mozaffarian has been privileged to serve many notable clients, including renowned actors like Nicolas Cage and Danny Glover. However, he described that poignant encounter with Bonds outside the Giants’ clubhouse as a defining moment in his illustrious career.

“It was truly incredible,” Mozaffarian expressed, the memory forever etched in his mind. “Every time I watch a game, it resurfaces.”

Just as Bonds relies on a team of professionals, including a trainer, marketing director, publicist, and masseur, he also entrusts a designated jeweler with his precious creations. Mozaffarian had the honor of crafting the engagement ring for Bonds’ wife. He even had the privilege of attending Bonds’ wedding, solidifying their special connection. On occasions, Mozaffarian accompanies Bonds to games as his esteemed guest, sharing the sport’s thrill.

Mozaffarian, a sixth-generation jeweler, hails from what is now Iran. In 1970, he assumed the family business and relocated it to San Francisco. Now aged 65, he sports gray hair and a trim physique, speaking in a deliberate and soft-spoken manner.

Sharing the unwavering loyalty of many San Franciscans, Mozaffarian’s allegiance to Bonds is resolute. He refrained from divulging the origins of the earring until he discovered that Bonds had already disclosed them during a Q&A session on his website in 2004.

During the past three seasons, Bonds rarely donned the cross, citing irritation to his ear. However, on May 25, amid a difficult slump, he decided to reintroduce it. When asked by reporters about his motive, Bonds, known for his enigmatic nature, simply replied, “Just to get people talking.”

Despite its various iterations, the significance of the earring remains rooted in Bonds’ love and respect for his grandfather. While Bonds do not often delve into details about his family, he opened up about Robert Bonds in a 1994 interview with GQ, shedding light on the discrimination endured by black individuals during the early 20th century.

“He had to walk on the other side of the street,” Bonds recounted. “But he never harbored any resentment or envy.”

In addition, Bonds shared, “That’s what inspires me. To have grown up in those tumultuous times and yet harbor no animosity, no hatred — it’s truly remarkable.”

Although Bonds may not directly comprehend the depth of prejudice, his grandfather faced, as he approaches baseball’s most esteemed record in the upcoming weeks, the scrutiny surrounding him will undoubtedly escalate. Regrettably, he has encountered hate mail, received threats, and witnessed heightened security measures implemented by Major League Baseball to protect him.

In these challenging circumstances, the significance of the earring may hold even greater importance for Bonds. It is a source of strength and resilience, reminding him of the unwavering spirit that transcends adversity.

Barry Bonds: Symbolic Earring, Trusted Jeweler, Iconic Jersey, and Collectible Rookie Cards

The former MLB player, Barry Bonds, became renowned for his distinct earring choice throughout his illustrious career. Receiving considerable media attention and generating speculation, the Barry Bonds Earring was often associated with bringing him a good fortune on the field. Regardless of the rumors, the earring is a unique element of Bonds’ legacy in baseball fashion.

Shapur Mozaffarian, the proprietor of the jewelry boutique named Shapur, located in Union Square, preserves a discreet black sketchbook, concealing sketches of his most iconic creations amidst the sparkle of diamonds, rubies, tennis bracelets, and engagement rings. The initial page of this precious scrapbook is aptly titled “BB.”

Positioned elegantly behind a glass display case within his store, Mozaffarian confidently stated, “That’s the one.” Despite its relative simplicity and affordable price, this piece resonates deeply with him, holding an irreplaceable place in his heart due to the immense emotions it evokes.

Barry Bond’s biography

Barry Lamar Bonds is a retired American professional baseball player who had an outstanding career that spanned 22 seasons in the Major League Baseball (MLB). Bonds was born on July 24, 1964, and he is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Between the years 1986 and 1992, he was a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and between 1993 and 2007, he was a member of the San Francisco Giants. Bonds is considered by many to be one of the best baseball players of all time due to his amazing ability to hit home runs and his versatility on the field.

Bonds was honored with a multitude of awards throughout the course of his career, including a record-breaking seven Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards from the National League (NL), as well as 12 Silver Slugger Awards. He was chosen to participate in the All-Star Game 14 times and held multiple hitting records in Major League Baseball, including the record for the most home runs in a career (762), the mark for the most home runs in a single season (73 in 2001), and the record for the most career walks. Bonds was a phenomenal defender as well, receiving eight Gold Glove Awards for his exceptional play in the outfield during his career. Notably, he is the first player in the history of Major League Baseball (MLB) to have surpassed 500 home runs and 500 stolen bases, and he finished his career with 514 stolen bases.

According to Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference.com, Bonds is now ranked second all-time among position players in the major leagues in terms of career Wins Above Replacement (WAR). In this perspective, Bonds trails only Babe Ruth.

Bond’s career, on the other hand, was tainted by controversy, most notably because of his role in the baseball drugs incident. In 2007, he was accused of perjury and obstructing justice for allegedly submitting false testimony to a grand jury during the investigation of BALCO, a corporation that produced steroids that were undetectable. These allegations occurred during the investigation of BALCO. Bonds was found guilty of obstructing justice in 2011, despite the fact that the perjury charges against him were dismissed. In spite of this, the judge later threw out his conviction in the year 2015.

Bonds has not been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame despite the incredible achievements he has accomplished throughout his career. In the ten years that he was eligible, he was unable to garner the Baseball Writers Association of America’s (BBWAA) required 75% of the vote. The usage of performance-enhancing substances was highlighted by a number of voters as the primary reason for excluding him from consideration for induction into the Hall of Fame.

FAQS (Frequently asked questions):

Q. What is the full name of Barry Bonds?

Ans: Full name of Barry Bond isBarry Lamar Bonds

Q. What is the nickname of Barry Bonds?

Ans: The nickname of Barry Bonds is “The Asterisk.”

Q. Who is Barry Lamar Bonds?

Ans: Barry Lamar Bonds, born on 24th of July, 1964, in Riverside, California, is a notable American professional player of baseball. Renowned for his exceptional skills in multiple facets of the game, Bonds achieved unprecedented success by surpassing the major league records for career home runs (762) and single-season home runs (73 in 2001). The controversies surrounding the single-season home run record in baseball history are worth noting.

Q. What is Barry Bonds’s net worth?

Ans: Net worth of Barry Bonds is $110 million.


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