The only place to play Marvel’s Wolverine game is on PS5.

There is lots of exciting news about Marvel’s Wolverine for PS5, even though the game doesn’t have a release date or even a window for when it will come out.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man Miles Morales, and Spider-Man 2 were developed by Insomniac Games..  These games are great, exciting, and accurate to the Spider-Man mythos. They also show that the company has a lot of experience in making well-thought-out adaptations of comic book classics. It looks like Wolverine is in good hands, and when it comes out, it might make our picks of the best single-player games and the best story games.

Marvel’s Wolverine will be an action-packed, story-driven game like Marvel’s Spider-Man, with many exciting fights and interesting cutscenes. Brian Horton, the creative director, said that Wolverine will sound more “grown up.” It makes sense for Insomniac to go in this direction since James ‘Logan’ Howlett, who plays Wolverine, is known for his rough adventures and dark personality. Read on to find out more and get a close look at the teaser video. 



  • How do you describe it? The people who made Marvel’s Spider-Man also made Wolverine.
  • When does it occur? TBC
  • What kind of device can I use? PS5
  • Who is making it? Asleep Games 



We have yet to determine when Marvel’s Wolverine will come out, not even a time frame. The game will, however, be available only on PlayStation for a limited time, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man games. Even though Wolverine is coming to the PS5, there still needs to be a sign that it will be coming to the PS4, which is becoming less likely as the years go by.

Although it’s unlikely that the game will come out on PC in the future, Sony-only games usually do. Avengers: Spider-Man and Avengers: Miles Morales are both PC games that you can get. Avengers: Endgame will come out late this year. This means Wolverine might also come out on PC at some point, but not for a while after it comes out on PS5.



Sony’s PlayStation Showcase in September 2021 was where Marvel’s Wolverine was first shown off. We saw Insomniac’s version of Logan for the first time in a short teaser film. 

It shows a dive bar that is broken down and guys who are hurt lying on the floor. The scene then cuts to a man drinking while wearing a cowboy hat and a shirt with checks. His knuckles and the area around them are covered in blood. One of the hurt guys gets up and pulls out a knife in the background. As soon as our hero, the man at the bar feels the attacker and clenches his hand, showing the famous metal claws.

The video sets the tone for Marvel’s Wolverine but doesn’t show Logan or how he fights. At first view, it looks like a darker and bloodier version of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man games. See the video below:

The only sneak peek we have access to is the reveal video. While you wait, you should watch PlayStation’s main YouTube channel for any new information.  


The reveal trailer contains a few Easter eggs that give us some exciting ideas about what to expect from Marvel’s Wolverine, but we don’t know everything yet.

First, the video’s setting tells us much about when and where Marvel’s Wolverine occurs. You may remember the Princess Bar in Madripoor from the Marvel TV show These are the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In that spot, Logan is drinking. He’s there because of the sign for the bar and the picture of Madripoor taken by a tourist.

He seeks Roche, a crime boss, at the Princess Bar in Marvel Comics Presents Volume 1 #1 (1988). Wolfman starts going to the bar a lot as “Patch” and even owns it with Roche after beating Roche’s goons, who are after O’Donnell’s security money. After work, Logan used the bar as a home base when the X-Men weren’t there.  Is this a sign from Insomniac Games that Marvel’s Wolverine will happen now? Is Logan going to do something illegal? Each choice is a different choice. 

The radio station sign for 104.8kHz is another possible Easter egg. Since Lowtown is in Madipoor, the story may take place there. The number 104.8 could also be a nod to Marvel Earth-1048, which is the world where Marvel’s Spider-Man takes place. Based on this, the worlds of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and Wolverine are connected, which means there may be future crossovers. This could be very big, giving Insomniac the chance to make a movie that competes with the Marvel Cinematic Universe without having to make a lot of sequels and add on to already-told stories.

The radio show and other phone numbers are about the same comic book. “HLK 181” is written on the license plate on the bar, which is likely a nod to The Incredible Hulk #18 since Wolverine is in that issue. Do you mean that Hulk might show up in Marvel’s Wolverine? We hope to repeat it.  


A “full-size” game with a “mature tone.”

Marvel’s Wolverine director Brian Horton claims James “Logan” Howlett’s PS5 solo adventure will have a “mature tone.” Horton responded on Twitter that Wolverine for PS5 would be “big or a [smaller] ‘Miles Morales’ size game,” answering “big.” 

Miles Morales was in charge of making the movie, Spidey

Wolverine’s creative director and game director are Brian Horton and Cameron Christian, who collaborated on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Insomniac Games wrote this on PlayStation Blog.   

Respecting DNA while taking a new approach

As for Insomniac Games, they say they will honor the “DNA” of what makes Wolverine so famous while giving Logan a new look.

“In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit,” a PlayStation blog post said. The creator says that Marvel’s Wolverine has an “emotional story and cutting-edge gameplay,” even though the game is still in its early stages of development. We hope the joke was meant. 



Taking on Wolverine’s lousy side

Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Spider-Man 2 have been praised. All of these movies are good for families. This isn’t meant to be a criticism; after all, Spider-Man is famous for being a “friendly neighborhood Spidey” who is always having fun and making jokes. A tone that is more fun fits the character. There are some terrible things about Wolverine, though. Compared to other characters, his past and personality are dark. Most of the time, Wolverine stories are violent and cause a lot of stress.

We hope Insomniac will explore this Logan aspect in Wolverine., which will be more mature than Spider-Man.. We’re not calling for needless bloodshed but believe a different tone is needed. You can’t avoid the darker parts of Logan’s past if you want to learn more about Wolverine’s past (based on when this game occurs). Also, our hero’s famous claws would cut through attackers and spill some blood. Without some darkness, you’ll only be able to scratch the top of his story.

When other Marvel bad guys show up…

Even though we want them to get only some of the attention, it would be cool to see how Insomniac draws other Marvel heroes who help Wolverine. How Insomniac does their work will depend on the story they want to tell,But we hope that X-Men like Jean Grey, Professor X, or even Rogue show up in small roles.

There are a lot of well-known bad guys that could be Wolverine’s main bad guy. We haven’t met them yet, though. Some of them show up in more minor roles. Suppose Logan could fight Sabertooth, Lady Deathstrike, or even Silver Samurai. He might also fight to end the Weapon X program that put him through the painful tests that gave him his famous adamantium skeleton. 

A world for Marvel games

Insomniac has done a great job of making stand-alone goods that let us meet many different Marvel comic heroes and villains. However, since the company is no longer working on Spider-Man, it can build a shared continuity that could have many of the benefits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe without being too big. That’s a great idea. We’d love to read what the great writers at Insomniac would come up with if they did it. 


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