Overwatch 2 Omnics are coming back, thanks to Ramattra.


For Overwatch 2 Ramattra guide is one of the best players on the team. This hero is the second Tank to be added to Overwatch 2, and his skills will make some people’s lives very difficult (sorry, Mercy). 

A lot of things about Overwatch 2’s Ramattra make it very interesting. His main strength is that he can change into two different forms. This makes Ramattra a pace tank, like Bastion in some ways. With this new skill, you can try new and exciting fights and make cool combos with other heroes. Get ready to learn a new meta. 

Ramattra will be a great addition to Overwatch 2 for more than changing how the games is played. His addition to the squad is interesting to Overwatch’s story since he was crucial in the Omnic Crisis. 

While the Overwatch League Grand Finals were going on, we talked to Blizzard about what we can expect from Ramattra and how he will change the game when he comes out on December 6. Find everything we learned about Ramattra in Overwatch 2 and his skills below. 



In Overwatch 2, like Kiriko, Ramattra was only available to people who bought the special Battle Pass. The Battle Pass can be purchased every season, giving you access to new skins, voice lines, and sprays as you level up. The Battle Pass costs 1000 Overwatch 2 coins, which is $10, £8.39, or AUD$15.45. 

You had to get to Tier 45 in the standard Battle Pass to get Ramattra for free. It could have taken you fifty hours on average to do this, so if you want to get the Battle Pass, you should start as soon as possible. 

Blizzard wouldn’t let Ramattra play against other players for the first few weeks of the Battle Pass. By doing this, players had time to grind Overwatch 2 and get Ramattra before he was let loose in competitive play. 

If you missed Ramattra’s release in Overwatch 2, you can still get her by finishing in-game challenges only for heroes. 



In Overwatch 2, Ramattra is not a simple good or bad guy like in the first game. Instead, she is a complicated character. He doesn’t know what to do. 

Ramattra lives in Overwatch and is an omnic, which is a type of intelligent computer. It’s been hard for these guys over the past few months. Even though they tried to live with people, the fleshy ones were mean to them and beat them up badly. 

They were most at odds with each other during the Omnic Crisis, a war in which the Omnic radical group Nullsector led a revolt against humanity. When the fight spread to the streets and cities, it killed a lot of innocent people. This is why Overwatch joined the fight. 


Ramattra is an essential character in Overwatch 2 because the Omnic Crisis is vital to the game. He is an enemy of Overwatch because he is the boss of Nullscape. Because of this, it’s easy to see him as the main bad guy in the show. You would be wrong, though. 

There’s a lot more to Ramattra than that. He is in charge of Nullsector but doesn’t want to end all life. He wants to ensure his people will be safe in the future, so he becomes close friends with Zenyatta, an Overwatch hero and fellow Omnic. 

The story goes that Ramattra and Zenyatta met for the first time in Nepal’s temples, which are high up in the Himalayas. Zenyatta and Ramattra thought about balance and peace to find out where they fit. The two omics got close during this time and were like brothers, but in the end, they fought. The fact that Zenyatta and Ramattra both thought the omnics should be safe was fascinating. However, they had different ideas about how to make this happen. They were tired of waiting and wanted to “win their safety at any cost,” as Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, the lead story creator, put it. Zenyatta wanted to be excellent. 

In Overwatch 2, Ramattra starts a new story as the “Omnic Crisis moves back to the forefront,” as Jurgens-Fyhrie puts it. The tale of Ramattra is “the start of answering a bunch of questions about the Overwatch story,” says Dion Rodgers, the art director. At the same time, Blizzard is getting ready to release PVE with a story that focuses more on the bigger picture. 



In Overwatch 2, Ramattra can change into two different forms, which gives him more skills than most Overwatch heroes. The first is his all-powerful form, and the second is his more significant and scary enemy form. These two forms are like Bastion’s ability to change into turret mode. Ramattra will have an ability that lets her change into each form, but it will only work for a certain amount of time before it stops. 

Like an average main tank (like Reinhart), the omnic form is fun to play. You will be playing a more defensive game, so you must protect your team and fight occasionally to push the other team back and away from your support heroes. 

There is also the nemesis form, which is more aggressive and can be used to “rush down the enemies and charge into the backline,” as lead hero creator Alec Dawson puts it. “So that you can get some of their squishies.” As someone who likes Ana, this doesn’t sound very good. 

It will be alright just for me. “We have thought about how to make enemy players even more scared when they see Ramattra about to change forms,” says Jurgens-Fyhrie. How he sounds on the battlefield will make people laugh a lot. 

These two forms significantly change the meta and how the game is played. We will see a lot of Ramattra at all game levels since he is a leading tank and a flex/dive tank in one. 

We still need to learn about Ramattra’s skills, but he sounds like he’ll be a big deal. 



  • When you click on the left button, an object that moves in a certain way is fired.
  • When you right-click, a fence is put up in the chosen spot. 

You can think of these skills as a mix of two different tanks’, Sigma and Orisa. In addition to being able to defend yourself by calling up a shield like Sigma, Orisa’s javelins provide an offensive danger. 

The fact that many tanks no longer have shields was one of the most noticeable changes in Overwatch 2. This was meant to make people dive more aggressively, so instead of hiding behind your tank’s cover, you would attack the enemy team and start a fight.

The fact that Ramattra has been given a shield may mean they will stay for a little longer. He was told to represent the new Overwatch 2 spirit. 



  • To send nano-objects flying, press the “E” key.

Players of Mercy and Pharah will have terrible dreams about this ability. Anyone who can fly high is about to land. 

When nano orbs hit the ground, they explode, damaging the force field like Sojourn’s disruptor shot. People stuck in this force field will move more slowly and everything in the sky will be violently pulled down to Earth. Last, you can quickly kill that Phar and Mercy pair hurting your backline. 



  • If you press shift, you’ll turn into Nemesis form for 8 seconds. 
  • When you left-click, you can attack with your hands forward, sending a shockwave through enemies before you. 
  • You can slow your progress when you right-click, but front-facing attacks do much less damage. 
  • In Nemesis form, you get an extra 150 defense, which brings your total health up to 600 from 450. 

We’ve been waiting for this skill to come along. The Nemesis form is the first of its kind for tank heroes. It comes after the fun but annoying damage hero Bastion. You’ll either want more or log off. 

Ramattra can be quick, bendy, and dangerous in Nemesis form. This tank hero shouldn’t be in your backline. But this power and its attacks look like they’ve been seen before. These moves are a lot like Doomfist’s, whichI wonder if Ramattra is just a better Doomfist. 



  • If you press Q, you’ll instantly change into Nemesis form, and an energy field will form around you that will hurt you. 

The final goal of Ramattra looks scary. He makes an energy zone that does tick damage to an enemy hero for up to 20 seconds as long as he does harm to them. It used to stop when Ramattra beat up his enemies, but now, time will move more slowly. 

When combined with skills that limit movement, this ultimately does fantastic things. Mei, for instance, is a damage hero, and her ultimate can freeze everyone in a medium-sized area. The other team can’t move or fight back when you put this together with Ramattra’s ultimate. They can only stand there and watch as Ramattra kills them. 



Many heroes are glad to have Ramattra on their side. This tank is made for support players like Reinhart. If a support player can grab Ramattra, they will get a scary killing machine to protect them against the enemy team. 

Lucio players would have a great time speed-boosting Ramattra into the enemy’s back line when he’s in for form. 

His enemy form sounds scary, but Ramattra “will be big and scary, but the other team can take you out” because of how big he is, so it may be easy to play against some heroes. We only know about Ana and her sleep dart so far regarding counters. But in the end, players will decide how to play the hero with and against other players. 


You must be very good at recognizing voice actors from video games if you’ve heard Ramattra’s voice before. As a career, Ramon Tikaram has done more than just TV and stage playing. He is the voice of this scary omnic. 

This sound is also used in games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Elden Ring, Subnautica, and Dark Souls III. There is no doubt that this is a strong team, so you can bet that Ramattra will perform at his best in Overwatch 2. 


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